Sure bet tips are betting predictions whose certainty is over 90% and approaching 100%. Those are the kind of tips and predictions that we offer at Surebetsite. We are the leading provider of Sure bet predictions for over 10 years for customers from all over the world.

We use mathematical predictions, sophisticated arbitrage software and interpersonal networks to unveil the most profitable tips for any day.

You can get free sure bet predictions today on our blog and those are essentially meant to minimize losses. Our VIP tips, on the other hand, are meant to maximize profits. Professionals who stake high and can not afford to lose are also catered to with our fixed matches.

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  1. Wexford Youths - Shelbourne (2) Odds: 1.3

  2. Galway United - Cabinteely (1) Odds: 1.5

  3. Gomel - Isloch (1) Odds: 1.63

  4. Ukraine - North Macedonia (1) Odds: 1.74

  5. Denmark - Belgium (2) Odds: 2.01

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These free tips are meant to help you make good bet slips if you can not afford the VIP tips. They are by no means guaranteed. They are however the best free odds you can get today.

The above tips are only for the 1X2 category. You can get all of today's surebet tips and predictions on our blog. They include Over/Under tips which have a really big win rate.

To get 100% sure tips you need to upgrade to VIP tips. People have made fortunes from them. You might want to try them as well.

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Use the application below to generate some free predictions for today or tomorrow. For each prediction, the app will show you the probability of winning. You can choose a category of tips y want to see. Most betting markets such as 1X2, GG/NG, Over/Under etc. are represented in the model. Only correct score predictions are not available on the app. You can however see correct score predictions today on the CS page.


  1. Scroll down until the top of your window shows the match whose prediction you are seeking.

  2. Look and see the date, time, prediction and odds.

  3. Check out the probability of winning the prediction displayed is near 100%

  4. If yes, then you have a free sure bet prediction.

  5. If not, then click on "See Full Analysis" button to view other predictions for the match to evaluate if it contains a surebet.

  6. If you are not impressed with the prediction click "NEXT" to see the next free tip.

  7. If you are like me and you believe more on human experts than mathematical or statistical computer generated predictions then ignore the app and keep scrolling down further to learn more about our expert predictions.


Sydney Fc vs Adelaide United Prediction










Click below to read full analysis & Prediction


Gomel vs Isloch Prediction

We used the 3 main prediction models to find the validity of a home win in this Gomel vs Isloch match.


The Monte Carlo simulation prediction model indicated a 46.18% probability for a Home Win outcome. The ELO rating model came through with a 47.34% probability for the same outcome. The third model, Poisson probabilities prediction model showed there's a 48.51% chance for a home win outcome.


This Gomel vs Isloch match has a few other bets that have been validated by all the 3 models. Keep reading to find them all.


To find if the Home Win bet is a value bet, we need to compare the implied Home Win bookmaker probability with the calculated and validated Surebet probability for the same. The odds for this outcome are averagely 1.56 with an implied bookmaker probability of 64.10%.


The calculated Surebet probability for the Home Win outcome for this Gomel vs Isloch match is 47.34%, meaning this bet is not a value bet. In case you place this bet, you may be about to lose the expected value by -16.76%. 


Expected Value, EV(Home Win), for a Home Win result for this Gomel vs Isloch match is calculated as follows:


Let P(Home Win) be the probability of winning this bet, P(0) be the probability of losing this bet. Also assuming that your stake is 100 then the Expected value is;

P(Home Win) * 100* 1.56 where 1.56 are the decimal odds for this outcome.


Using this formula then you should get the expected value for a Home Win for Gomel vs Isloch, EV(Home Win) to be 47.34% * 100 * 1.56, which translates to 21.19. This is a positive Expected Value thus further validating this bet mathematically.


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Wexford Youths vs Shelbourne Prediction

Shelbourne is expected to outperform Wexford Youths in this match. Home advantage may not help Wexford Youths in this game. With odds of 1.98 you stand to win a fairly good amount from this tip. This is the best sure bet prediction for this match.


Note that you should also consider other betting markets other than 1X2 predictions or bets. Asian handicaps and European handicaps, for instance, can make you better profits from a match like this.


We used the 3 main prediction models to find the validity of an away win in this Wexford Youths vs Shelbourne match.

The Monte Carlo simulation prediction model indicated a 52.61% probability for an Away Win outcome. The ELO Ratings model came through with a 52.98% probability for the same outcome. The third model, the Poisson probabilities prediction model showed there's a 53.04% chance for an away win outcome.


This Wexford Youths vs Shelbourne match has a few other bets that have been validated by all the 3 models. Keep reading to find them all.


To find if the Away Win bet is a value bet, we need to compare the implied Away Win bookmaker probability with the calculated and validated Surebet probability for the same. The odds for this outcome are averagely 1.98 with an implied bookmaker probability of 50.51%.

Galway United vs Cabinteely Prediction

All 3 major Surebet prediction models have indicated a possible home win in this Galway United vs Cabinteely match.


Poisson prediction model shows there is a 54.93% chance for the outcome while the ELO rating model shows a 52.93% chance for the same. Finally, 50.90% of the Monte Carlo simulation runs for this match resulted in the home win.

This pretty much consolidates the prediction of a home win in this game.


The odds for Home Win outcome on major betting sites are, on average, 1.46 with an implied bookmaker probability of 68.49%.


Considering that the sure bet probability for the Home Win outcome for this Galway United vs Cabinteely match is 52.92%, then this bet is not a value bet. If you play this bet then you lose the expected value by -15.57%.


The expected value for a Home Win prediction is denoted as EV(Home Win) and is calculated by multiplying the amount of stake by the odds and again by the probability of winning then subtracting the result of multiplying the stake and the probability of losing.


By using 100 as your sample stake, by calculating the EV as explained, we get the expected value for a Home Win in this Galway United vs Cabinteely match is 30.18 which is positive and therefore a good bet. Strong recent and past performances that Galway United have demonstrated lead us to conclude that the prospects for a home win are quite high for this match.


Expert football prediction sites have also supported this prediction by far and large. Cabinteely might not be able to record either a win or a draw in this match.


It is however prudent to compare different predictions to find the ones with the highest probabilities. True profits come from predictions with over a 90% chance of coming true.


Some of our tips are 100% sure and guaranteed but can only be accessed by VIP members. You can also become a VIP member once you subscribe. Note also that you do not always have to use the win-draw-win market. It might be popular but not necessarily the best or least risky. See all predictions today to see tips from other betting markets.

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Denmark vs Belgium Prediction


Below are expert predictions and insights for some of today's matches. Their tips might be better than the computer generated tips but are still not comparable to our Premium tips, VIP tips or Fixed matches. If you bet for fun, then these tips are enough for you. However if you bet because you have serious problems such as rent to pay, a family to take care of or a struggling life to escape, then you should consider upgrading. Our best tips are affordable. Check out our fair pricing and buy today's 100% sure odds.

Ukraine vs North Macedonia Prediction

Tue. 17.06.2021 - 04:00 PM GMT+2

International Friendly

Free Tip - Over 1.5 Goals

Odds - 1.34

Assurance - 78%

Denmark vs Belgium Prediction

Tue. 17.06.2021 - 07:30 PM GMT+2

International Friendly

Free Tip - Denmark Win

Odds - 4.03

Assurance - 60%

Wexford Youths vs Shelbourne Prediction

Tue. 18.06.2021 - 10:00 PM GMT+2

Ireland - 1st D

Free Tip - Shelbourne Win

Odds - 1.32

Assurance - 78%

Galway United vs Cabinteely Prediction

Wed. 18.06.2021 - 09:45 PM GMT+2

Ireland - 1st Division

Free Tip - Galway United Win

Odds - 1.46

Assurance - 22%


Some of our recently won 1X2 Sure bet tips and predictions are in the tables below. The tables show sure win tips for the last 5 days. These are tips which were given to our VIP tips members who paid 12 USD or Ksh. 1000. Remember these are the 1X2 tickets only. To also see the winning records of another category click the respective link below.

  1. GG/NG Tips

  2. Over/Under 2.5 Tips

  3. Correct score tips

  4. Asian Handicap Tips

  5. Euro Handicap Tips

  6. Half Time Tips

If for any reason you doubt our results, visit our Proofs page to see the winning tickets and screenshots.


The importance of Sure betting tips in your betting activities can not be overstated. You need them because you want to remove the element of risk and doubt from your betting slip. This ultimately leads to profits. Unfortunately, surebets do not come easy. Most tipsters who claim to have sure tips charge huge amounts you may not afford.


This means you have to depend on statistical software such as Forebet in making your betting decisions. It as however been proven that Football statistical analysis alone can not help you win bets everyday.

That is where Surebet site comes in. Having years of experience in betting, we are easily the best sure bet tips site out there. We not only give you access to our mathematical prediction software but also provide Premium tips, VIP tips and fixed matches that help you win. Once you subscribe for any of the packages yo are guaranteed to win your bet since they have near 100% win rate. They are sure win tips.


When you are in doubt of your own bets the next best thing to do is to use our sure bets. Once you register with us, we immediately acknowledge your registration by email and text. Then after you pay we send you the sure bet slip or ticket by email, WhatsApp or by text.

You then proceed to place your bets on your favorite bookmaker.

After winning your surebet slip, we do not ask for further payments. If your subscription is for one day then you need to register for another day. If your package is VIP then you receive the sure odds for 3 days. The fixed matches package lasts for 1 week.

For as long as your prediction is active you can always log in to the Premium, VIP or fixed matches account to view the sure odds tickets for today and tonight or even tomorrow depending on your subscription.


We accept a good number of payment methods. They include Credit card, PayPal, Skrill, Chipper Cash, Neteller and even Bitcoin. There are some countries that have peculiar payment methods that we have also taken care of.



Kenyan customers can pay for the sure bet tips or fixed matches using Mpesa. The Surebet till number (buy goods and services) is 5327441.



Nigerian customers can pay using any bank transfer app or method. Our Nigerian Bank account is on the Payment methods page.



You can expect to get most of the leagues in Europe, Asia and Africa covered in our sure bet tips. If you love the European football then you are in luck since most of our sure win predictions come from European leagues. Below is an example of the leagues that we cover:

  • English Premier League predictions

  • English Championships predictions

  • Serie A predictions

  • Bundesliga predictions

  • Spanish La Liga predictions



Apart from football sure win predictions we also offer sure predictions for a number of sports. They include Volleyball predictions, Basketball predictions, Golf predictions, Cricket sure predictions, Rugby tips, Horseracing tips and predictions etc.


You can use our free predictions to place small bets today. Visit the Betting tips page and there you will find fully analyzed matches for free. The win rate for any of the soccer matches is indicated. These are free football tips and should be understood as such. They are not covered by our Returns and Refund policy.

The fee betting tips come with crucial information such as the probability of winning any bet for the respective match. For instance, you should check to see if a GG/NG prediction is good enough for the match. If the probability of winning is over 70% then you should consider placing the bet. Also check out if the game is a fixed match or not. If it is, then you are lucky to have gotten a free fixed match without having to pay for it.

For those in the Eastern world such as Asia and west America where the time zone is different from most of the world in the West, you should consider using the early matches free tickets. The free tickets come in various categories such as 1X2 free tickets, Asian Handicaps free ticket etc. You are therefore covered and can finally get free tips on early matches here on Surebetsite.


To get the most out of Surebet you need to be a member. Other members who have stuck with us enjoy daily sure tips and enjoy community support through the Surebet Forum.

You will also get to learn a lot using our betting ideas that we share on our Facebook page and other social networks.

To ensure that we provide you with useful insights and research findings we have invested in the Surebet Surveys program where you can also participate without any limitations whether you are a member or not. Once you take part in the surveys you earn the chance to get the research findings when the surveys are completed.

As a member, you can also register to get pay after win tips today for free. The tips are usually sent by text, email or WhatsApp and you only get to pay if you win.

If you have a passion for betting but are not willing to participate in betting then you can get a chance to be one of our Surebet agents. The Surebet Agent Recruitment Program is open to you and there is nothing stopping you from joining.


These won surebet ticket screenshots are sent to us by Surebet members like you. After you subscribe and win you can send us a screenshot to feature here for new members to see. You can also view further proofs that will consolidate your confidence in our sure predictions.


Please not due to a large number of screenshots we may not feature all screenshots. All screenshots remain anonymous. Make sure not to screenshot sensitive information such as your name, username or other credentials that may identify you.

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  1. Sure bet predictions are only close to 100% accurate, not exactly 100%.

  2. Use different betting sites to place your sure bets. If you use only one you might be blocked by the bookmaker for winning too much.

  3. Do not trust everyone who claims to offer sure bet predictions, do your own research and find out legitimate Sure bet sites.

  4. Do not be stuck with 1 betting market. Find out on other betting markets. Start by reading the betting markets you didn't know exist on sportpesa.

  5. Sure bet tips are rare, be proceed with caution when you find some easily or too cheaply.

  6. Avoid large multi bets of surebet tips and predictions. The fewer the combinations the better.

  7. Take full advantage of arbitration opportunities. The profits might be low but the associated risk is practically zero.

  8. Compare sure predictions given by different sure bet prediction sites and give priority to those predictions that appear on more than one or two sites.

  9. Be careful with fixed matches, you might find yourself breaking the law if you use illegal sites.

  10. Be organized and have a sure betting strategy. Avoid betting blindly or carelessly.


Free sure bet predictions

These are free betting tips given by online and offline sure bet prediction sites such as Mightytips. They are given freely everyday and you can access them even right now as we speak. The problem with these sure bet sites is that they are mostly interested with ad revenue and forget to give good sure bet tips that enable sure bet clients to make profits. Before you use the free tips however, make sure you read how to bet on football matches and win.


These are predictions that are given by sites such as ours. In fact they are called Surebet because only Surebetsite gives them. They are a collection of tips from the top 10 football prediction sites globally. The collection is then sieved to remove those that do not appear on at least 3 of the betting tips sites. The remaining ones are usually 100% accurate soccer surebet predictions. We did an article about the source of sure bet prediction and you can read it on our blog.


There is a slightly different type of sure bet predictions that deals with what is known as match fixing. This these sites may be operating legally or illegally, so I advise you to approach them with caution and make sure you ascertain the legality of their predictions. If you are in Kenya for instance, here are some of the fixed matches sites in Kenya.


These involve odd differences across different betting platforms which lead to opportunities of betting on a particular set of all possible outcomes and locking in some profit without the possibility of a loss. You can get such arbitration sure bet tips from arbitration websites such as Surebets. You can also use our very own Surebet Prediction Arbitration System which you can use to make your own sure bet predictions and win in every bet.


Can I make my own Sure bet Tips?

Sure you can make your own sure bet tips and predictions. You however, will be required to follow a st of rules and predictions. If you have the right football prediction and match analysis skills you will make your sure tips ute easily. Here are 10 steps to make your own sure bet tips.

Where do sure bet predictions come from?

Sure bet predictions are sourced from the leading dealers of football betting tips in the world. Together with expert analysis of the Sure bet team, we provide you the best deal in this market.

Who is eligible to use surebet prediction?

Any person over the age of 18 years from all the countries that allow sports betting is eligible to use sure bet prediction. The countries that we serve include but not limited to Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, Italy, Vietnam, Canada, United Kingdom, South Africa, Russia, Germany, China, Saudi Arabia and many, many more.

Are Surebet predictions 100% correct

We are 100% sure that there is no other sure bet predictions and tips company in the world that has a higher rate of winning than Surebet. That is the reason our clients are loyal because we help them make money through football betting consistently.​

Are there sure tips for Jackpot matches?

No. There are sure bet tips or predictions for jackpots. The predictions we give for jackpots such as Betika tips and Sportpesa mega jackpot tips are not guaranteed. Jackpots can be tricky.

What are the leagues that your surebet prediction come from?

Sure bet predictions come from leagues such as the English Premier League, Championship, Italy's Serie A, Serie B, Germany Bundesliga 1 and 2, Eredivisie, Ekstraklas, Turkey Liga, Kenya Premier League and dozens of other leagues.

How do I pay for sure bet predictions?

You can pay for sure bet prediction using your Visa Credit card, Master Card or any other credit card or debit card. You can also pay using mobile money by Mpesa or MTN or Vodafone. Finally, you can easily pay by PayPal. You just have to click on one of the packages above and payment will be smooth safe and secure.

How many odds do Surebet tips come with?

Surebet predictions come with varied odds. The usual range lies between 50 odds to 150 odds. They might not see like much but they are sure odds.


What type of tips do you give?

We give you tips majorly on football betting. We also plan to give odds for other sports like Hockey, NBA, basketball, and volleyball, but for now, we are doing only soccer prediction.


How to win a bet every time

Since betting is a risk-laden practice, it is advisable that you learn as much as possible how to get value bets which will then lead to getting value for your money. There are 10 steps to winning in betting according to Wales Online. In their article titled "How to win at betting in 10 easy steps the bookies don't want you to know" they have advised using the following steps in order to win consistently in betting:

  1. Know your sport inside out

  2. The favorite doesn't always win

  3. Don't just stick to one bookmaker – shop around

  4. The fewer selections, the better

  5. Avoid the temptation of odds-on prices

  6. Consider the less obvious markets

  7. 7. Make sure you understand the markets

  8. Don't bet with your heart

  9. Pick your moment

  10. It pays to follow less popular sports

What if the prediction is wrong?

Betting is a risky affair. Therefore it is not hard to lose in a match whose prediction you have received from any source. In the unfortunate event that the prediction is wrong, it is advisable to stay calm and try again on a different occasion. It is also a rule of thumb that you should only bet with money you can afford to lose. 

Important Sure Bet Tips & Links for you

NB: for faster and better services, avoid using opera mini to open this site.

For Sportpesa mega jackpot prediction visit our Sportpesa mega jackpot page.

To bet on the Betika platform visit the Betika Kenya website.

To do more match analysis visit the Sofascore Website or the Soccerpunter website.

To see match results visit the scorepro website

Remember you can learn how to beat online gambling addiction if you think you have developed a gambling problem.

Over a billion people in the world have tried their hand in betting, often ending up losing lots of money. Someone has to come to their help. Surebet helps those who engage in betting to make meaningful profits through the use of our famed sure bet tips, predictions and fixed matches.

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